Your Best Poker Friend: Increase Your Mental Edge - Alan N. Schoonmaker

In this book, Dr. Al focuses on the positive steps that you can take to improve the mental side of your poker game.  This book should definitely be read alongside his previous book, Your Worst Poker Enemy, and it looks to replace the negative habits that he has helped you overcome with more positive ones.  

Once again, he focuses on thinking about the game more “logically,” which does border on dogma, and this part did turn me off somewhat, but at the same time the topics which he deals with does require a more rational approach, as opposed to the “intuitive” approach that he is so critical of.  However, intuition at the poker table can certainly be argued to have its place, although perhaps not so much when it comes to psychology.

Schoonmaker does have many very valuable suggestions in this book, and they all get the reader to focus on a more rigorous approach to the game, which many players can definitely benefit from.  There are few players in fact whose command of the mental side of poker is such that they don’t really need to focus on it very much, and for most players, their lack of command here is pretty glaring.  

A lot of the book deals with achieving and maintaining the proper dedication toward achieving your poker goals, which is a topic that certainly deserves the attention that Schoonmaker provides.  If you aspire to look to achieve your full potential as a poker player, this book will help you get on and stay on the right track toward it.

Rating: 4 out of 5