Tournament Poker For Advanced Players: Expanded Edition - David Sklansky

I remember this book really standing out when it first came out, as is typical of many of Sklansky’s books, and 2+2’s books in general.  It looks to apply the author’s rigorous theoretical approach to tournament poker, and does so fairly decently.  There are several very good books on tournament play that have come out in the years since this was written, and it no longer is the best tournament book out there, but it was by a mile back in the day, and still is a very good read.

Sklansky is not famous for his modesty, and concludes it with the statement to the effect that if there is anything in the book that you don’t agree with, you need to be patient and in time you will see that he is indeed correct.  I woudn’t quite go that far although for the most part his advice is very sound and also stands the test of time.  It’s actually pretty amazing when you consider how far ahead of his time he was.

Some of the material is general in nature, but the book is full of valuable thoughts on how to best approach tournament situations.  Less sophisticated players may find his discussions to be too theoretical, and it isn’t a beginners book for sure.  There are several books with advanced in their title that don’t deserve it, but you can rest assured that when Sklansky, who is widely regarded as the foremost poker thinker of all time, says it is advanced, it is.

This is not to say that it is beyond the grasp of most players these days, and intermediate players and above will have no problem appreciating it.  This is definitely a book that all serious poker tournament players should pick up and read.

Rating:  4 out of 5