The Poker Tournament Formula 2 - Arnold Snyder

Snyder picks up where he left off in the first version of this series, where he builds on his concept of chip utility, where chips are seen as sources of power rather than being seen simply as having diminishing value, as the standard thinking dictates.  I think that the truth is somewhere in between, however it certainly is beneficial to take Snyder’s view of chip value into account as well.

In this sequel, he spends a lot of time early on in the book analyzing different tournament structures and how this affects what the ideal strategy would be for each.  As usual, he’s taking something that people don’t think a lot about and going into it in great detail, and his insights continue to be of high quality.  

As was the case with his first book on tournaments, Snyder rocks the boat rather aggressively with his advice and perspective on the game, however the material is certainly well thought out.  He ends up leading readers though an array of concepts and situations, all of which contain his unique personal stamp.  There is a fair bit that I don’t totally agree with, but keep in mind that the point of looking to read high quality poker books is to get other people’s viewpoints, in order to allow you to improve your own.  

Many people prefer his first book, but while I really enjoyed it, I feel that the second book is even more valuable from an instructional perspective.  There is certainly a lot of good material in this one as well, and both books are in fact very highly recommended to tournament players.

Rating:  4 out of 5