STOP! 10 Things Good Poker Players Don't Do - Ed Miller

Poker players often find it hard to admit their mistakes. Just like you will rarely find someone who admits they are bad at driving, you will rarely find someone who will openly admit they are a bad poker player. "STOP! 10 Things Good Poker Players Don't Do" is a short book published by the training site Red Chip Poker, which aims to highlight the most common mistakes made at low stakes and remove them from your game. In addition to the chapters by their lead coach and highly respected poker author Ed Miller, the book also contains contributions from Doug Hall, James Sweeney and Christian Soto.

"STOP! 10 Things Good Poker Players Don't Do" starts off with a very brief introduction by Hull before getting straight into the content, with each author contributing chapters dedicated to ten particular mistakes low stakes players commonly make. The issues cover general advice including not playing bad hands or frequently paying opponents off, and strategic advice such as the problems caused by limp-raising and leading with weak pairs. The common scenarios for all mistakes are discussed, then the authors present a different approach and explain why it is better.

More experienced players may find "STOP! 10 Things Good Poker Players Don't Do" fairly basic, although this is a book targeted at beginners who will often not even be aware of these common leaks. The arguments for and against different actions are well written and should be straightforward for anyone to understand regardless of ability. A few of the scenarios could have benefited from hand examples, although the book is designed to be a quick read and should only take about 20 minutes to complete.

Ed Miller and his co-authors have created a good little guide which should help new players improve their No Limit Hold'em game. Although the book is an advert for their site, it does provide a solid advice covering a range of different mistakes. While a lot of the information can easily be found for free online, many who need the help will not necessarily know where to look. Therefore "STOP! 10 Things Good Poker Players Don't Do" reasonably low price is ideal for those who want to get it all the advice together in one easy to read book. 

Rating: 4 out of 5