Small Stakes Hold’em: Winning Big With Expert Play - Ed Miller, David Sklansky & Mason Malmuth

This book was written quite a few years ago, when limit poker was much more in vogue, and the game has really fallen out of favor lately, so this book may seem to be pretty much out of fashion.  However, you still do see limit hold’em spread on a limited basis anyway, and throughout the years this book has been considered the bible on beating smaller stakes limit games, and still is at least somewhat relevant today.

In fact, this book can be said to have started a revolution in online poker, as back then there were few texts out there of this quality, and the quality of play generally was pretty horrible.  People read this book, a lot of people in fact, and the number of at least decent players out there really multiplied.

So this book isn’t really all that advanced and won’t make you an expert by any means but the advice in it is quite sound and it will definitely point you in the right direction.  The games these days are much tougher than they were when this book was written, but to stand a chance, you have to start with the fundamentals, and this book delivers them.

Small Stakes Hold’em is definitely a classic though that is on the list of books that all players should read, regardless of your skill level, and in spite of it being directed toward limit poker, there are still quite a few concepts that apply to hold’em in general that you will benefit from.  There’s a reason why players have widely considered this to be the finest book by far on the subject of small stakes limit poker and once you’ve read it you will understand why.

Rating:  4.5 out of 5