Power Hold’em Strategy - Daniel NegREANU

This book starts out with a fairly lengthy introduction by the publisher, making what turn out to be some pretty grandiose claims about there being two great books written in the history of poker, this one and Brunson’s Super System.  It’s not that Brunson’s book was all that great anyway, although it certainly was for its time, as there really wasn’t anything else out there of its magnitude.  

This is a huge book with 6 different collaborators, over 600 pages in total, although it should have been much shorter.  Many feel that the first half of the book is a waste of time, and I tend to agree.  Evelyn Ng’s section is particularly bad, and her inclusion in the book is almost certainly due to her being Negreanu’s girlfriend at the time, rather than her great poker insights.  They also have the Brunson name in there, although it’s his son Todd, who doesn’t really contribute too much either.

If you can make it through the first half though, the book does indeed make it worth your while, as the section by David Williams is outstanding, the best section in the book easily, followed by a lengthy section by Negreanu himself dealing with his small ball approach.  Negreanu’s contribution is actually pretty good as well, and both will give players of all levels plenty to think about.

Once again though this book tries to do too much although what’s good in it is definitely good.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5