Poker Tells Essentials - Joe Navarro

Former FBI agent Joe Navarro has become widely regarded as an expert on poker tells, having adapted his significant skills as a behavioral expert for law enforcement to the game of poker.  Aside from being one of the subject’s leading authors, he also has been hired by ESPN to provide his expertise during World Series Of Poker.  The fact they could have hired pretty much anyone to do this, and they chose Navarro, definitely speaks to his command of the field.

This book is a collection of 15 previously published articles on poker tells, personally selected by Navarro as what he feels are his best.  It is marketed as an ebook, and is also very reasonably priced, which certainly adds to its value.  

Navarro looks to go beyond just providing poker tells with this book, as he also makes an effort to teach players some of the fundamentals of observation, in addition to some advice on how to best prepare for events in terms of looking to improve your observational skills.  Overall, the content is of a high quality and there’s no question that in reading Navarro’s books, you’re learning from a true expert.

While the overwhelming majority of poker these days is played online, there’s still a fair number of players who play live poker, and being proficient at reading players’ physical tells is certainly a valuable skill, and if you feel that your skills here are in need of work, this book is a great place to start.

Rating: 4 out of 5