Poker, Gaming, and Life: Expanded Edition - David Sklansky

As the title suggests, the topics of is collection of essays by renowned poker author David Sklansky is pretty varied.  While most are on the subject of poker, he also contributes several that deal with gambling in general, and also has a section at the end of the book where he looks to apply his approach to gambling to everyday life.

The material in this book is shorter and less rigorous than is generally the case from Sklansky, which does serve to make it a little lighter reading than his other works and thus makes it at least a bit more accessible to the masses.  The essays that the book contains are in fact a collection or articles that he has contributed to poker and gambling publications over the years, so each tends to be a work unto itself.

Given the fact that the articles were written a couple of decades ago, the material does tend to be rather dated, and deals with several variations of poker that aren’t really that popular anymore, but at the same time, the quality of Sklansky’s work is of such a high quality that there still is a lot to be learned from him, regardless of when a piece was written.

This isn’t my favorite Sklansky book by any means but it’s still a Sklansky book, which is reason alone to place it at a higher level than just about everything else that has been written about poker.  

Rating: 3.5 out of 5