Phil Hellmuth’s Texas Holdem - Phil Hellmuth

I‘ve heard people who ordered both this and Hellmuth‘s Play Poker Like The Pros, and considered sending the Texas Holdem book back, because they thought the printer had made a mistake and put different covers on the same book.  They actually are two different books though.  It’s not hard to see how someone could make such a mistake though, as there is so much that is similar in Texas Holdem that readers could be easily confused.  

If you’ve read my review on Play Poker Like The Pros, you know that this is one of my least favorite books, so given that Texas Holdem is so similar, you may be thinking it’d similarly bad, and you would be absolutely correct.  This one may be a bit better overall though, but not by much, and the fact that he took so much material from the other book and just pasted it in this one doesn’t’ help its cause at all.  More than a few people complained that they felt “ripped off” by this current book, which isn’t a particularly good sign as well.

Once again, Hellmuth is well off the mark when it comes to providing sound advice that the average player, who are his readers mostly, can use to improve their game.  The book just deals with some basic concepts and doesn’t even do that very well.  Hellmuth once again is shoving a bluff at you, don’t just call by paying the purchase price of this book to see his hand, as you will see it’s just air.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5