Phil Hellmuth Presents Read ‘Em And Reap - Joe Navarro & Marvin Karkins

The first thing that stands out with this book is that it is not in fact written by Phil Hellmuth, which is a good thing actually.  Hellmuth is just the presenter it seems, which means he let them use his name on the cover for a cut of the book’s profits.  The book’s actual authors consist of Navarro, an expert on physical tells with the FBI, and psychologist Karlins.

If you play a lot of brick and mortar poker, there’s no question that tells are a big part of the game, although not as big as the uninitiated may think.  It’s all about getting whatever edges you can though, and if a book can add to your perceptive abilities here it can be worth many times it’s purchase price.  To that end, this book isn’t the ground breaker that Mike Caro’s book on poker tells was, but it’s still pretty decent and worth buying for sure.

There are actually quite a few good insights in this book and the authors know what they are doing in terms of their expertise with the tells anyway.  There are plenty of photos to help illustrate what physical appearances you need to be looking for, as is customary with books on physical tells in general.  It’s also pretty well written and easy to understand, and overall pretty well done.  While the book tends to overstate the importance of being proficient at spotting tells, this certainly does matter, and this book will help you navigate that terrain.

Rating: 4 out of 5