Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book - Phil Gordon

This book is indeed little in size, but there’s nothing little as far as the quality of its content goes.  It’s not an instructional book per se by any means, and in fact is just a collection of the author’s thoughts on a hodgepodge of different topics, arranged in no particular order.  There are a great many topics as well, and none are gone into in any great depth.  Some are as short as a paragraph in fact, with others taking up a couple of pages at most.

With all that said though, this is one of the most interesting and refreshing books on poker that you can buy.  It provides insight into the thinking of a very accomplished poker player on a great many topics, and while you may think that the length of each topic is rather short, they are all of a very appropriate length.  As well, this book is as entertaining as it is instructive, and its trademark is that it is such an enjoyable and easy read.  

The advice Gordon provides is also of a very high quality, chock full of a great many little tidbits that not only demonstrate well the playing style of the author, but also let readers get into his mind.  This book does not often get the credit it deserves and is definitely one of my all time favorites, and highly recommended for everyone.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5