Phil Gordon’s Little Blue Book - Phil Gordon

As  follow-up to his successful Little Green Book, Gordon expands on this fine work with another similar one, this time focusing a little more on the practical side of the game.  There is more hand analyses in this one for instance, and the topics are generally a little longer and more in depth.  

When you first pick up one of these books, the first thing that stands out is the extremely high quality of the book itself - hard covers with beautiful jackets.  The quality of the writing is also of similar quality, and even very good poker players will benefit from Gordon’s insights and teaching style.  

Once again, his outstanding and entertaining writing style comes through with flying colors.  While the Little Green Book walked you through many of Gordon’s thought processes in general, this one is more specific and will really appeal to those who wish to gain insight to his thoughts while actually playing hands, with the action notated card by card, from actual high level play.  

I wasn’t quite as impressed with this one as I was with the little green book, as I found many of the scenarios to be rather straightforward, at least from an advanced players’ perspective, but it’s still an excellent read for players of all skill levels.  I would recommend buying and reading the Little Green Book first, but after doing so, I’d also strongly recommend the Little Blue Book as well.

Rating:  4 out of 5