Phil Gordon’s Little Black Book - Phil Gordon

This book is a remake of Gordon’s first book, Poker: The Real Deal, with an additional chapter added, and can be purchased in a box set along with his Little Green Book and Little Blue Book.  Since the Black Book is the first in the series, with the other two having essentially evolved from it, the poker advice tends to be of a more introductory nature.  

However, it is the introductory book, and that’s perfectly fine, although if you started with the other two, you won’t find as many good insights in this one, at least as far as the poker strategy goes.  However, Gordon portrays this book as dealing more with the poker lifestyle as he puts it, and he does take you through some of his thoughts and advice on the process of looking to work your way up to being a professional player.

Gordon is as good a writer as he is a poker player though, which is a very rare trait, and his material really stands out for its entertaining and engaging manner.  In particular, his insights into what it’s like to be a professional poker player, and also learning how to think like one, are well worth the price of the book.  In considering buying this one though, once again you’ll need to buy all 3 in the box set, but you really won’t be disappointed at all with your purchase.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5