More Poker Wisdom For All Players - Daniel Negreanu

Not surprisingly, this book is a sequel to his Poker Wisdom For All Players, with another 50 tips which are supposed to elevate your game significantly.  Both of these books are a collection of columns that Negreanu had written in the past, and its too bad he took the easy road and just didn’t write some fresh and more cohesive material.  I guess he’s a busy man though, and the opportunity to turn some quick money by just compiling his previous work was pretty tempting.

I wasn’t all that fond of the original book, as it really didn’t deal with the game at the level that the author is capable of.  This one is an improvement though, and he may have taken the disappointment by his readers generally with the first book to heart a little, as the advice on poker strategy is a little more detailed and valuable.  

I think that part of the problem with a lot of more famous authors is that they tend to underestimate the sophistication of the average poker book reader, which has come a long way over the years actually. “More Poker Wisdom” is still aimed primarily at newer poker players, and while they should get a fair bit out of the book, better players will still be left feeling a little empty at the end of the book, wishing he could have put a lot more of his wisdom into it.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5