Middle Limit Holdem Poker - Bob Ciaffone & Jim Brier

This book was written back in 2002, back in the days when limit holdem was king, and before the no limit craze really caught on.  At the time, it was considered by many to be the best book on limit holdem ever written, and at the very least it really stood out from just about everything else out there back in those days, almost all of which was pretty introductory in nature.

These days, with so little limit poker being played, many players may feel that a book like this has really lost its relevance outside those few who still play this game.  Certainly, if you still play limit holdem, and you haven’t read this classic, I would strongly urge that you pick it up.

I remember when I first read this book years ago, I was a limit holdem player and considered myself to be a pretty good one at that, but I found that this definitely was well worth reading and improved my thinking about the game.  This was a very well loved book among the poker community in its day and I don’t remember many people not benefiting from it.

However, what about the overwhelming majority of us who either have long since given up limit poker or have no interest in it anymore?  Well they still run limit games online and they are still around in live card rooms as well, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to look to master another form of poker.  

The material in this book is of a high enough quality that I’d even recommend it to no limit players, although for obvious reasons a lot of the strategies are going to have limited applicability to big bet poker.  If you just plain enjoy reading good poker books though, as I do, then you can’t really go too far wrong with reading a top quality book that at least deals with the same game as you play, albeit with a different betting structure.

Who knows, after reading Middle Limit Holdem Poker, you might just want to give limit holdem a try, or look to take it up once again, even if just on the side.  This is not a beginners book by any means, and the instruction here, while not of an expert quality either, is, well, middle of the road, as the title implies.

As I’ve said though, there just aren’t many high or even middle quality books on limit holdem, so for that reason, this book still stands out ten years after its publication, even with all the changes that have taken place in the world of poker since then.

The authors, mostly Ciaffone, take you through 400 different hands, and this book is full of good tips along the way.  It is by no means light reading, but if you are looking for something lighter, there are plenty of other selections out there on this topic.  If you would rather read a serious book about limit poker, this is the one.

Rating: 5 out of 5