Holdem Wisdom For All Players - Daniel Negreanu

I have to admit that with all the hype on the cover, I expected a much better book than Negreanu delivered.  It’s certainly not for all players, and is geared much more toward beginners than anything else.  It’s not that better players won’t get anything out of it, but it’s disappointing that the author didn’t include more actual holdem wisdom in it and not deal so much with just basic concepts of the game.

The material is broken down very nicely into bite sized pieces, and Negraenu does cover a lot of ground in this book to be sure.  It’s a fairly easy read, and you’ll find yourself blowing through this book comparatively quickly, and then be left with a sense that there definitely should have been more substance in it.

If you’re a newer player, there are better introductory books to read, and if you’re an experienced player, there really isn’t much to chew on with this one.  I’d put this book well down my list regardless, as it wasn’t a complete waste of time to read, but your money would be better spent on other books, until perhaps you’ve read a good many and are just looking for more.

The advice though is pretty decent and it’s really not as bad as some, but really lacks the depth and reasoning that we would have expected.  It’s also primarily geared to multi table tournament play, so if that’s not your game, it will offer you very little.

Rating: 4 out of 5