Harrington On Hold’em: Expert Strategies For No Limit Tournaments, Volume III The Workbook - Dan Harrington & Bill Robertie

Harrington’s series on tournament poker is certainly among the very best out there on the topic and is a must read for any aspiring multi table tournament player.  While there are a few other tournament books which may be in the same class or perhaps even a little better, there’s no question that Harrington’s series have had a significant and lasting impact on the game and in terms of its reviews from players there probably aren’t any poker books that are as highly regarded universally.

The third series is called the workbook and readers are advised to read the first two books in the series prior to tackling this one,.  If you liked the first book though, you probably liked the second, and will also like the third.  Where the first two dealt with strategy, the workbook focuses exclusively on putting Harrington’s concepts to work at the table, focusing on its practice in actual hands.

The style of the workbook is clear and straightforward and also has the reader quite involved.  It’s also not as cut and dried as a lot of other poker books and provides several options as it quizzes the reader, and assigns various point values to each response along with going into depth as to why the authors feel that a play may be desirable or less so.

These books are fairly advanced in nature and aren’t for novices, but they have helped a lot of players get better at tournament poker.  If you are ready to do the same, all three of the books in this series will prove quite helpful.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5