Harrington On Cash Games:  How To Win At No Limit Hold’em Money Games, Volume II - Dan Harrington & Bill Robertie

This book is the second in the series of Harrington and Robertie’s two part series on beating cash games, to go along with their three part series on tournament poker, which is considered by most to be the best treatment of this subject available anywhere.  The cash series doesn’t quite receive the same accolades, but they are still among the better poker books out there on no limit cash.

The second book is of similar high quality as Volume I, and in fact you could say that the two volumes together in essence comprise a single book in two parts.  Volume II in fact picks up right where Volume I left off, and there is a seamless transition.  So at least there’s no repetition between them.

As is the case with the first installment of this series, the advice does tend to be on the conservative side, and while Harrington is known for his fairly tight play in tournaments, that style can be made to work in that format more easily than it can in cash games.  So players who adopt this fairly nitty style are going to be subject to being exploited, especially if they play the looser and more aggressive 6 max format that is so popular in recent years.  

However, the advice is for the most part sound and does have its place, although it is by no means a comprehensive primer for beating no limit cash games that the authors would believe.  Also, in spite of dedicating a chapter to beating weak online games, the authors don’t seem to have much of an idea how weak some games are out there, although using their advice generally will have you doing pretty well in them.

Overall, while this series does have its shortcomings, there aren’t a lot of quality books on cash play beyond the introductory level, so it’s very worthwhile to pick up the ones that are good, and this one is.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5