Harrington On Cash Games: How To Win At No-Limit Hold’em Money Games, Volume I - Dan Harrington & Bill Robertie

Dan Harrington’s three volume tournament set is widely recognized as one of the most significant contributions to poker ever, and he and sidekick Bill Robertie have now turned their attention to cash games in this first of a two volume set.

There’s little question that Harrington’s main game is tournament poker, and in comparing the two series, the tournament one is widely thought to be superior.  However, these two books on cash poker are certainly a good read and well worthwhile picking up.  

There are a lot of poker books out there, but few of the quality of either of Harrington’s series.  Most are geared toward new players and provide little or no value to readers looking to get beyond the basic concepts of the game, and this book does indeed deliver some pretty good material for players of all skill levels, particularly those who already have a good understanding of the game.

However, the focus tends to be fairly limited to the formats that the authors are most familiar with, which is fairly tight mid stakes full ring play.  Therefore, the advice tends to be too conservative for the most part if you play in looser games, and especially with respect to 6 max cash games, which have pretty much taken over the online poker scene.

This isn’t to say though that you won’t benefit from this book if you don’t play full ring, as many of the insights here apply to other formats as well, and this book is well worth the price for pretty much any cash game player.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5